Senior Trainer

Senior Trainer

Joyce believes that sports bring positive energy to our lives and thus commenced a profession as a personal trainer. Over the course of her career, she has been inspired by many mentors to understand the importance of balanced training that encompasses sports, weight training and stretching. Joyce loves to design fun workout programmes by mixing different equipment such as exercise ball, elastic band, bosu, dumbbell and cable together with cardio and resistance training - she wants to ensure that every workout with her clients is exciting and dynamic!

She has also made a concerted effort to focus on stretching as she recognises its crucial role in maintaining a well-balanced body and mind.

Train insane or remain the same.

Professional Certificate
IPTFA Certified Profesonal Personal FitnessTrainer
IPTFA Stretch Therapist Certificate
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Bonnie Law
Location is convenient. Environment is clean, tidy, modern and comfortable. Joyce is nice and very professional. Staff are polite and friendly. Highly recommend to my friends.
Great services & facilities, Joyce really understood my needs instead of just hard selling plans. Highly recommend this venue.
Bobo Ho
Had my trial at Pit Stop, it was a nice experience, thanks Joyce for your mindful & professional coaching. Love my first ever PT session.
Shirley Chung
Centrally located venue with a good vibe.
Professional PT and friendly staffs. Go for a trial!