About Us

Pit Stop - The pioneering online Fitness and Therapy platform in Hong Kong. On our platform, you can find your desired coach or venue. Our teams of professional coaches and convenient training venues are available throughout Hong Kong. To ensure our service quality, every single coach has been carefully selected with possession of at least 3 years of coaching experience, qualified license and passion for sports. As for venue selection, we are devoted to seeking quality training venues in different districts. Besides environment and facility accessibility, founders’ philosophy and background are also of paramount importance.

Pit Stop - A halfway cheer-up station as well as a one-stop center for physical and mental strengthening training and therapy, aiming at providing a relaxing and leisure atmosphere for stressful urbanites. We promote concept of “Your Choice - Your Way” which is not subject to membership. All students can purchase any service according to their personal needs. This totally inverts the traditional perception towards general fitness training centers.

We DO NOT accept unfair trade practices but strive to pursue quality service as our utmost purpose and develop a trusting fitness platform for you!

For more details about Pit Stop Fitness, please feel free to contact us. Pit Stop Fitness team is pleased to respond to your inquiries and provide professional advice and suggestions.

Service:In great diversity. Combining sports, treatment, spiritual support and nutrition, both urbanites’ physical and mental health can therefore be taken good care of. Moreover, our platform has conveyed different information regarding nutrition, exercise and psychology to the public on a daily basis.

Exercise:One on one personal training offers each student a set of tailored guidance services, including different programmes in respect of muscles strengthening, slimming, body shaping and rehabilitation for sports injuries. To achieve goals, a comprehensive record mechanism is applied for following up students’ training progress, along with supervision and evaluation by curriculum supervisor.

Therapy:Through physical and manual therapy as well as sports massage, pains and illnesses arising from stress and improper exercises can be soothed. Students will receive recommendations from nutrition consultant and progress be under strict supervision by the coaches.

Psychological Support:We have a team of senior psychotherapist with professional recognition. By virtue of sophisticated psychological treatment and communication, in-depth understanding can help student ease their mind and positively handle their emotions. Various studies pointed out that a healthy mentality yields twice the result on physical fitness training. Urbanites lead a hustle and bustle life with fast pace who often neglect the importance of spiritual health. Mentality, health, emotions as well as working performance indeed form a close bonding.

Coach:Coach Rating System with high transparency is now available as clients can leave their comments and mark grades for their coaches on “Member Board” which facilitate coach selection by clients and service improvement by coaches.

Price:Charges are subject to coach ratings and programmes. No additional cost will be incurred while there is no membership system and thus satisfying clients with different needs.

Venue:We are in close partnership with a number of private training centers located all around Hong Kong so as to offer varieties to our students. Our venue selection is of rigid requirements just ensuring students enjoy learning and concentrate in training under a comfortable environment. Regular inspections are conducted for maintaining site quality. The following 5 elements help us make the best choice of venues: