Senior Trainer

Senior Trainer

本人熱愛運動,是一位持有專業資格的私人健體教練,同時亦執教各式訓練課程(如泰拳,HIIT,HICT,GBC,PHA,Tabata Training,Core Training,Boot Camp Training)


Professional Certificate
AASFP Certificate in Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer
AASFP Sports Science & Fitness Foundation Certification
AASFP Certificate of Decoding The Dietary Supplements
AASFP Certificate of High Intensity Interval Training
AASFP Certificate of Fit Lady Training
AASFP Certificate of Weight Management ABCD
AASFP Certificate of Group Exercise Program Design
Suspension Training Course - TRX Qualified
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Max Lo
uperb environment, great location and friendly people!!
Lucy Chan
Super nice gym, love the decor and energetic PT. Most importantly, it’s FUN!