Master Trainer

Master Trainer

前香港健美運動員,曾代表香港出戰國際賽並贏得獎牌。擁有20年健身教學經驗, 門下多名學生曾代表香港参加國際賽事並奪得錦標!擅長以比賽訓練模式融入日常鍛鍊,令學員迅速掌握訓練技巧,達致強化肌肉及修身的效果!

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Asian bodybuilding & physique sports federation (ABBF) judge B
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I recommend Croco as a personal trainer as he trains not only towards building strong muscles, but also your mind.  Body building is not only about how heavy a weight you can lift in the gym, it is also your will to pursue your goal.  Croco is an excellent motivator to help you maintain this will power and achieve your goals.
My Personal Training instructor Mr. Croco, he is well noted what triathlete needs and wants.
By his professional opinions, Croco will guide me what need to do and how to do it well.

Always showing me HOW to do it better and better, his programme lets me get into a good shape, muscle build up appropriately, a good mindset training, too.

I am glad that having a chance to meet him, and become a apprentice.

I do have a good performance in my current Ironman 70.3 race in 2017, due to Croco's programme, I could raced smoothly..., and more powerfully!!

He is a "mindset tunner", it's such a great help and push to me, I am Perry, a amateur triathlete.
“No Pain , No Gain” ... that can be the most common quote you may hear from the others explaining how they have successfully loosen weight or being sculptured their body shapes perfectly from the gym / weight training . To me , I will also say “ No Engagement , No Achievement “ additionally after I have been trained by Croco Lee from the past 10 months . His well experienced training techniques , thoroughly-planned teaching strategies and eagerness to uphold his students’ learning attitudes have inspired and impressed me a lot . He is a very focused and earnest trainer who teaches me the truly positive way of how weight training is all about . It is not just about loosing weight or building up muscles for perfect body shapes , it also helps us to strengthen our mind sets and to focus on overcoming weaknesses in all aspects . I am lucky to be one of his students and thank him for letting me becoming a fans of weight training in my life !
I have been trained by Croco for more than nine years now and feel to go for weight training one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. Having training partner like Croco enlightened me the right way to fitness through proper weight bearing and appropriate cardio exercise which is actually simple but neglected by most people. As a lady, weight training not just gives me a fitter body, better shape but also healthier mind-set to overcome obstacles and setbacks days and again. My trainer, an assertive bodybuilder, could always get me to the right tracks amid all the ups and downs, if not for an extra mile, all these years. I wish I could have started the training much earlier.
I was a food lover and used to go running or dancing as ways to "kill" my fat. These exercises seemed to be ineffective when you recognized that there was something wrong with your body shape regardless your frequency of workouts. The situation changed when Croco became my personal trainer in mid-2016. With Croco's experiences and professionalism, he tailor-made me the weight training program to fit my aim, my health and my personal endurance with a view to reaching my goal. Meanwhile, he changes my perception to weight training which is actually not a single equation to become a Hulk (a big thing), but it is the best way to maintain one's body shape by building up muscles suitably, as well as to strengthen one's mind at the same time. Every girl (and boy) should give it a try!