Director of KD Fitness

Master Trainer

Topden is a Muay Thai fighter in Hong Kong and founder of KD FITNESS. With the aim of promoting “Sport for All” concept, Topden has introduced Muay Thai boxing integrating with sports science elements and thus bringing healthy life to Hong Kong citizens. Topden began to learn martial arts since he was just 13 and determined to be a martial artist. At the age of 21, he established KD FITNESS and brought Muay Thai boxing in fitness industry. In 2005, Topden became the first IHFI instructor in Hong Kong and served as instructor for different Muay Thai boxing courses and major fitness centers.

Professional Certificate
European University Sport Management
AFPI Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
IHFI Certified Personal Fitness Trainer of Health & Fitness Institute
IPTFA Certified Profesonal Personal Fitness Trainer
IPTFA Certified Functional Training
IPTFA Certified Master of Fitness Thai Boxing Instructor
IPTFA Certified MasterAdvanced Fitness Thai Boxing Instructor
2012 WOF (53kg) First Runner up
2008 Hong Kong Thai Boxing Association 115lbs Champion
2007 China and Hong Kong Thai Boxing 115lbs Champion
2004 KF1 The King of Fighter 115lbs Champion
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Ashley Chan
Topden 泰拳經驗豐富, 佢除左對體能上有要求亦都教左好多技術上既拆解方法。令到每一堂都好有趣味。
Nicole WAN
初初打拳係因為想減肥, 所以就搵左Topden。3個月就已經瘦左成個碼... 同埋Topden 見我體能差, 都好重點幫我提升我既體能。而家真係連跑步都唔怕。
David CHOW