Personal Training

One on one specific coaching on fitness training is provided. According to the individual needs, physical condition and exercise habits, coach will customerise a set of interactive and focused fitness training programme for each student. This more-professional approach meets higher physical requirements of an individual while avoids sports injuries and strain caused by improper training.
Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga, found by Indian yoga master B.K.S Iyengar, is also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga of simple yet easy-masterful principle. Student rely on low-hanging aerial silk Hammock to complete different aerial yoga poses like handstand or flying. Prolonged poor postures lead to lumbar compression, scoliosis and long-term back pain. With the aid of aerial Hammock, Aerial Yoga allows you to perform various yoga poses which gravity works harder on your body weight so that your spine is fully stretched and thus improving various pains and illnesses, sleeping quality and edema caused by clogged lymph circulation.

An aerobic exercise combining physical training and martial arts techniques including lively and dynamic boxing and kicking movements. Kick-boxing integrates taekwondo, boxing and Muay Thai that can effectively burn fat, tighten body lines especially for waist as well as enhance cardiovascular function. 45-minute kick-boxing training burns about 1000-1200 calories while 1-hour running just burns about 300-400 calories. Kick-boxing is regarded as an excellent stress-relief method that can achieve slimming.
Battling Ropes

This exercise can build your muscle strength and endurance, physical coordination, core muscle power and cardiovascular function. Battling Ropes offer full-body strength training and thereby enhancing your anaerobic capacity, coordination and reaction speed. Leg workouts such as jumping jack, split-squat jump and squat, etc. can enhance training intensity. Battling Ropes has a variety of movement that level up the extent of entertainment and difficulty.

Abbreviation of Total Body Resistance Exercise. Its principle is to enhance body muscle strength, stability and flexibility, through own body weight and suspension training especially focusing on core muscles. Unlike usual weight-bearing training, TRX only makes use of own body weight which is suitable for everyone.

Created as a whole-body training tool with core concept from Whole-Body Integration (WBI) theory. You need to keep VIPR steady in each movement by applying various muscle groups, along with movements including lifting, turning, twisting and pacing, and thus training up your muscles, tightening body lines, enhancing flexibility and sense of balance.
Therapeutic Stretch

This can improve the movable extent of your joints that are influenced by muscles compression, flexibility of tendons and ligaments. While soft tissues increase its length, the joints will have greater movable ranges and can advance its movement level. Therapeutic Stretch takes advantage of one’s movements to improve joint flexibility, strengthen muscle contraction capacity and motion coordination, relieve edema and pains as well as reduce muscle contracture.
Sports Massage

Different massage techniques can adjust and maintain athletes’ condition, thereby enhancing their potential physical capacity, helping to overcome certain dysfunction, eliminating fatigue after exercises and accelerating physical recovery.

A professional therapy, combining prevention, treatment and handling of movement problems resulted from illnesses or injuries, applies a series of physical approaches such as exercises, mechanical and physical therapy.

Psychotherapy, with professional psychological skills, makes use of language to offer comfort, treatment and training, aiming at reducing or eliminating physical symptoms, relieving mental stress and state. Appropriate hypnotherapy may also be applied to improve emotions and mental illnesses.
Nutrition Consultation

Consultation offers you with comprehensive nutrition knowledge, dietetic therapy and healthy menu design so as to improve healthy diet habits and nutritional supplement through professional knowledge and training courses.
Hang ups inversion table

This quality non-traumatic spinal rehabilitation equipment can effectively relieve spinal nerve compression, focusing on low back pain and sciatica. Since arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure are the main causes of inadequate oxygen supply that leads to brain degradation, therefore hanging upside-down helps improve the situation. Gravity accelerates blood circulation during inversion which boosts body metabolism and also speeds up detoxification. Moreover, healthy spine condition can be achieved as gravity alleviates the pressures for intervertebral disk that will expand and replenish nutrients for speedy recovery. Also, spinal separation opens up passage nerve roots and thus relieving pain. Urbanites suffer from spinal displacement due to problems like prolonged sitting and poor postures while Hang Ups Inversion Table allows spine reposition and thus restoring normal and health arrangement.

Measurement results of body fat percentage and distribution can be used for health check-up and evaluation of aging diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia. Body composition analysis is also widely applied in obesity diagnosis, nutritional assessment, muscle mass changes after rehabilitation, body balance, physical therapy, body water content after dialysis as well as body composition differences after hormonal treatment.
Vibration Massage Device

It is a cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device that helps relax sore and stiff muscles to improve mobility. It helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improves range of motion, promotes circulation as well as accelerates warmup and recovery.